Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards

Words To
Live By

“It’s not always about budget.

First and foremost, creativity  is about passion and ideas


“Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all, experiences to enjoy.”


“'Failure' means not trying at all. People are scared to try and fail.”


“Don't be held back by your previous mistakes.

Use them as learning points and come back stronger.”


“Set goals so high they demand an entirely different version of you.”


“Don’t try to be perfect, just try to be better than you were yesterday.”


“Expect little from people.

Expect a lot from yourself.

That's the secret of a happy life.”


“Huge goals, clear vision, strong mindset.”


“Love all, trust a few.

Do wrong to none.”


“Don’t be afraid of losing people, be afraid of losing yourself trying to please people.”


"You can think of a hundred excuses but none of them will solve the problem or achieve the goal. What will work is you, doing the work.

You may have to struggle for a while, pushing uphill against a bitter cold wind. Yet you will survive, you’ll gain strength and raise your level of confidence.

You’ll have something to show for the time that has passed. And you’ll have established a little bit of positive momentum."


"Go live life.. Chase your dreams, the only thing holding you back is yourself."

Right & Wrong

"Just because something is trendy and popular does not make it good, or right, or beneficial. Make your choices based on what you’ve experienced to be true, not what the crowd is chanting (...)

You are strong enough to see and follow what is good, and avoid what is not. Use that strength to benefit not only yourself, but even those who oppose you."


“‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ is one of my favourite quotes and something I’m trying to live by.

If we can look at music and culture in the same way, people won’t be told ‘no you can’t do that’, they’ll chase bigger dreams and be free to express themselves how they want.”

Edwards (MBE)
- 1990-2022